Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vintage Style Metal Sign - "Be Amazing"

bulb sign

10 Foot Long by 4 1/2 foot Tall new Vintage Lit Sign built by Heavy Metal Works for MUSEO Gallery's "METAL INVITATIONAL" here in Langley WA. Made from Painted Sheet metal, 265 Sockets/Bulbs and "old skool" 4 circuit Mechanical flasher.

Vintage Style Neon Sign - "Trembling Blue"

New Work "Vintage-ly" made from "Zinc Plated Steel", 60 light bulbs and NEON!
 Dimensions are 36"x36"x10"
On Display @ MUSEO for the month of May

Vintage Style Metal Sign - "Miss Direction"

New Work "Vintage-ly Built" from 20 ga Painted Cold Rolled steel, 80 - 7 1/2 watt lights and "Old-Skool" Mechanical Flasher!
On Display @ MUSEO for the month of May!
Scratch That- Come down to Callahan;s Fire House Studio and see it Live and in Action!

Friday, May 11, 2012

"ART is Spectrum" - Article!

             Read Laura's "AMAZING" Article here:


"The Whidbey Examiner"

                              WHIDBEY EXAMINER ARTICLE 

Artful Garden Northwest


Thanks Diane!

New Gallery Work - "ZEPHYR"

New Work created for the "STEAM PUNK" Show @ MUSEO Gallery.
Made from Plasma cut, Forged/Riveted 1/4" and 1/2" thick Hot Rolled Steel Plate. NO WELDS or Mechanical fasteners!
Thanks so much to Jeff Holtby, Ryan Wright and Bill Cass!

White Pass Winter Carnival

Yet another Great Year At White Pass Ski Resort! Thank you Dennis Dow For the Amazing Images!!

Metal Entry Sign - Fire Seed Catering and Event Gardens

New entry signage for Fire Seed Catering and Event Gardens. Made From 16 Ga Hot Rolled Steel, Galv sheet and Plasma Cut Copper (Wright Way Metal Fab) and back lit w/ white LED lighting.

Copper Bar Counter Top

New Custom Copper Bar top made from 1/8" thick Owner supplied Copper Sheet (The Metal had Family "History"). The Custom made Rivets are approx 4" apart and are 3/4" in diameter. The Finish is a custom patina and"Hot Wax". The bottom Image is of some Custom Tiles made from some of the "Drops".

Steel Sculpture Model

When building the Entry Sculptures, we had to make "Wire Frame Models". A lot of effort went into making the models. They were used to create the paper templates needed to cut the Stainless Steel body parts. The owners had the clever idea to reuse them and make useful! We just made some simple logo's and nifty new steel bases and Wala!
Much Thanks to all that helped with this especially Eric @ Flat Rock Productions - His concept and follow trough was amazing!

Custom Metal Bench

Galvanized Roof Panel fabrication
Custom Bench and Misc site shots.

Metal Bus Stop Shelter - Island Tranist - Coupville

Finished Site Images of Transit stop on Main Street in Coupville WA.
Tim Goodman of Carletti Architects designed this Heavy Metal Composition (with a little bit of our touches)!
The "Art Glass" Panels were wonderfully created by Meredith MacLeod