Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Metal Hand Rail Useless Bay Coffee Co. Loading Dock

View From Back of Useless Bay Coffee Co.
Loading Dock Railing made from 1/1/4" Pipe .
Quite honored to assist Marty Curtis (Cumbustion Systems Sales and Service)in helping to install the vintage Roaster and afterburner system(Of which he designed him self!)

Custom S/S afterburner exuast cap

Metal Courtyard tables - Useless Bay Coffee Co.

Four Tables in all utilize the courtyard in front of the Coffee shop.The "Socket" in the middle accomadates a lighter/removable "Fold up" umbrella".When not in use the posts and tops break down for off season storage.

Metal Umbrella Benches - Useless Bay Coffee Co.

20 Ga. Galvanized cone roof with 14 Ga. steel spokes and frame system.

30 "Dia. Table Base unit with built in benches.Fabricated from 6 1/2" / 4 1/2" Pipe and 1/4" Steel Plate.