Friday, April 15, 2011

Metal Island Range Hood

Design, build and Installation of a new 5 foot Island Hood System.
The hood is made from 16 Ga Hot Rolled Steel w/ "Hot Wax" Finish.
Larry Rohan Furniture designed and constructed all the custom cabinets and Island.

Steel Hand Rail

Unique Heavy Handrail made from 1" and 3/4" Hot rolled steel rod.

Steel Hand Rail - "The Inn at Langley"

Heavy Hand rail made from 1" dia Hot Rolled steel rod.
Located down on the waterfront in front of "Spa Essencia"

Metal Courtyard Railings - Useless Bay Coffee Co

"Pencil Sketch" Railing made from 3/4" Hot Rolled Steel rod.
- Down Town Langley WA -

Spring Home and Garden 2011 - So Whidbey Record

Whidbey Island, September 29, 2010

Press Release

Spring Home and Garden 2011 - Whidbey

Metal Entry Logo Signage

The back of the Logo is lit with 30 pcs of 12" long LED light strips

Body of Logo itself is made from 14 Ga Stainless Steel fully welded and "Angle Hair" finished.

Metal Exterior Details

Preview of the Exterior Siding Details.
This System is made from 16 Ga hot rolled steel and is fixed to the building using both exposed fasteners and cleats.

Metal Walk Off Mat -Whidbey Telecom Main Entry

Started out with 3 -12 foot x 3 foot wide "Chunks"

Carefully Trimmed and Fit into a 1" deep recess in the Polished Concrete floor

Preview of the 1" thick Aluminum Grating " Walk off mat

Technology, community intersect at Whidbey Telecom in Freeland

Sue Ellen White / For the Examiner

Setting a custom-made metal grate in the lobby of Whidbey Telecom's new Freeland

customer center, Tim Leonard of Heavy Metal Works in Langley is one of many local

artisans and companies working on the building.

Photo also By Sue Ellen White

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While I'm here I need to shout out to Flat Rock Productions. They (Along with the Owners) dreamed UP just about all of these metal features! I would also like to thank GEMKOW Const for all of there help and support!

Great collaboration all around!

Thank you

Steel Interior Details

Above is a mini "Preview" of some of the interior details.
All of the metal is 16 ga Hot rolled Steel. Some natural finish and some "Rustic"..

Olde World Ale

Fantastic Article By Valerie Easton For Seattle Times NW Magizine!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

In Langley, Wash., togetherness comes one citizen at a time

Mike McMahon, who left South Whidbey as a teenager, returned to the island to open Olde World Ales and Lagers in Langley. He worked with local metal artist Tim Leonard on the brewery interior, and the coffee shop next door on a sweet ale dubbed "Useless Bay Sweet Espresso Stout."
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