Saturday, August 30, 2008

Metal Phone Booth Make Over - Visitor Center

Whidbey Telecom commissioned me to remodel this booth using Hot and cold rolled steel sheet.

Metal Phone Make Over - Langley City Hall

Whidbey Telecom commissioned me again to clad this little booth in front of Langley's City Hall building.The Logo elements are made from 16 GA stainless steel (as well as the rivets) welded to a 1/2 thick polished steel disc. The Mushroom at the base of the logo is from a 1" dia Langley water tank rod. The other panels are made from Hot and Cold rolled steel sheet.

Metal Garden Art

A brief Highlight of whats happening at City Hall Lately, at least on the outside.

John Alsip mastered the garden art in the front.

I assisted in constructing the Arbors off to the left side of the building.

It was amazing to see how much a hand full of volunteers can accomplish.

Yea!- Kay and Cathy!

Stainless Bar Top - Nobel Woods

Hand formed Stainless Steel Clad Bar Top.

The corners are welded and an Orbital "Angel Hair" finish was applied.

Copper Kitchen Counter Tops

Hand Formed Copper Clad Counter Top System

Lead Free Soldered Joints
Super Trick Metal Bending System

Copper Hood I built about 9 yrs ago

Metal Arbor - Fire Seed Catering

24 ft by 10 ft high Arbor made from 3/4" steel rod.
This is the model we used to come up with the concept

Friday, August 29, 2008

Metal Cat Walk Rail Project

B.R.A.D had me down on his site to assist him and his "Tight" Crew with pulling this Cat Walk and Door Jamb together.

The original concept went hay wire once BRAD found the "gnarly" woven wire at a scrap yard, his vision came together seamlessly.

I will post more as progress continues!