Friday, July 18, 2008

Metal Sign Board - "ca' buni"

Some finishing touches for Mukilteo Coffee's new restaurant!
The new sign is made of 1/4", heavily weathered steel plate and is backlit with plexiglass and "Flicker" light bulbs.
The "Swinging Doors" are made from a remnant of Buffy's awesome decorated wood panels left over from the counter project and some rod from Langley's old redwood water tank.

Metal Railing - Useless Bay Coffee

Parts from the old Loading dock railing were used to build this new one.
The "Curly Cue" at the beginning acts as a bumper (Backing up vehicles will hit it first?).

BIZ KID$ 3rd Season!

Biz Kid$ just started their third season and had 3 more set tables built!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Choochokam Festival Booths

Yet another amazing collaboration w/ Flat Rock and Fine Balance Imaging Studio!
And of course many other hands, you know who you are!
Thanks to Gemkow Construction, for helping w/ the on site set-up and B.R.A.D 's help the initial assembly
Very fun experience and it shows.

Metal Row Markers - Choochokam Arts Festival

Goose Foot donated the 3/4" Water tower rod which originally, was salvaged from the Langley Water Tank up on Al Anderson rd!
Fine balance Imaging provided the Banners and the Medallions were laser cut from 18 ga steel.
Thanks to Whidbey Telecom also!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Metal Phone Booth

Privately commissioned, Heavy Retro-Fit of Whidbey Telecoms Phone Booth in Langley.
Made from 16 Ga Hot Rolled Steel, 2 inch Flat bar, S/S rod and Light Ga patina ed(Rusted) cross broke steel panels.
Thanks to Irish Welding Service for their help forming the parts.

Copper Bar Top

Copper clad bar top in Gemkow's new project-Nobel Woods

Metal Wall Panels

1/8 " steel plate mounted display panels in the office Flat Rock Productions.