Friday, December 26, 2008

Metal Sign - "Eddy's"!

V>Totally new Sign built from 1/4" "Rustic" steel plate, 16 ga Steel, Copper sheet and 1/4" plexiglas.
The shop itself is cool also and can be found on first street in downtown Langley! -click on the title to link there website.

Whidbey Island Life

The Lovely, Sue Frause wrote this neat little ditty about - ME and life here on Whidbey is.
Click HERE and link to Sue Frause's blog she writes for the Seattle PI( this photo was also taken by Sue -Thank You).

Copper Range Hood

Working with the Owners, Eric @ Blais Const and Residential Designer Seri Yeckel we came up with this Animated - 48" 16 Ga Copper hood fully welded, hammered and polished. Part of an amazing Kitchen remodel on Bainbridge Is.

Stainless Steel Island Counter Top

Made from S/S sheet and 2" flat Bar edging with an " Angle Hair Finish".

Metal House Parts

B.R.A.D. came up up with salvaged Roof material from the roof of one of the Island Co Fair Ground buildings and we re worked it into siding (Along with some 16 Ga Hot Rolled steel). Then he came up with an innovative use for some salvaged wood and an adjustable table system, we helped build made from good 'ol 3/4" rod.

Steel Kitchen Counter top

3/16" steel plate counter tops w/ 3/8 rod welded and finished to edge.
The brackets are made from 3/4" rod from the Langley " Water Tank".
Great collaboration with the Fredley crew and Design/Builder - "B.R.A.D."
Click on the title for a link to their Blog!
It's been an amazing adventure!

Metal Sky Light / Chimney Cap Feature

Crazy Flashing /Chimney Cap Feature made from Galvanized sheet and fully soldered seams.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Sweeny Todd" Oven - Whidbey Island Center for the Arts

The "OVEN" prop was designed and built by David R and myself in 5 days using Cardboard, 1/2" Ply wood, 1x2's, Bender Board, Sonotube and lots of Painters caulk!
-Too much fun-

Click on the Title for more Info, the show runs Oct 17 - Nov 1, 2008
- Tickets are now on Sale!

Metal Stair Rail

Upper Hand Rail

Lower Hand rail
Both made from good ol' 3/4 " rod, wire brushed and clear coated matte.

Crystal Bowl Stands

Made From 3/4 " Water Tank Rod and plate.

The Fancy Rings were supplied by the client.

New Metal Brake

4,000 lbs of mid 60's Chicago Steel has found a new home here in the Heavy metal studio!

WELDING RODEO -Bellingham Tech's 08

I was honored to be invited to take part of Whidbey Island's " GLACIAL SPEED " team, one of ten that competed in BELLINGHAM TECHNICAL COLLEGE 's Welding rodeo this year. Each team had 8 hrs to complete an outdoor sculpture from scrap provided by our host.
They were all actioned off that evening and found good homes.
-Click the title for more info-

Soap Box Derby 08

Yet another amazing derby year.


Supporting sponsors, everyone else and the weather for letting up just for the race!

Metal Fire Place Hearth

16 ga Hot Rolled steel plate scribed into existing Hearth