Saturday, October 27, 2007

Metal Railing - Hladky Park Railing System

Newly remodeled park via "Two Totems" built from off the shelf "Hog Wire" ,3/4" steel rod and a few
pounds of 6011 welding rod.
Yet another brilliant collaboration w/many talented people-you know who you are!

Soap Box Derby Car

Originally built for the "Soup Box" Derby held here in Langley in September.
My Step-Son and I built this three yrs. ago (From Scraps)and every year we fix/Modify its features.
The Chassis is made from Wood, steering and brake components of formed steel and the body from light ga. galv. sheet metal.

Copper Counter Top "Final"

Window alcove and Espresso Counter formed from hand distressed copper sheet.
The Clients came up w/ a lot of the details, including all of the ornamental Rivets and Escutcheon nails.
Wonderfull co-creative experience!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Commercial Hood System - Mukilteo Coffee

Custom Roof Curb approx. 39" @ base and over 5' Tall, fully welded from heavy ga. Galv. steel.

Progress Pics of new hood system and then Kitchen !

New Door Trim, insulated "Fire-pads" and soon complete hood wrap.