Thursday, February 21, 2008

Zinc Range Hood

5 foot residential Range hood Made from Zinc sheet.

Finished pic of Leaderhead and down spout!

Metal Directional Sign

Wonderfull joint effort between local Port commissions and Chambers of Commerece.

New Gallery Work

Red Ambassador - Soldered Copper and Hot Rolled steel 8x5x8"high
Flying Red Head

Red Head Portrait
New Flat Rock designed Sign made from Chemicly etched Stainless Steel and Steel angle Frame.

PBS series features local business "Whiz Kids"

Check out this new PBS show for kids!
- Click onto the Title Above - to watch (Episode 3 has some cool shots of these tables in action)

Metal Windows Doors and More

Click Here to go to the Valerie Easton's article in Pacific Northwest Magazine.                                                                          

Here is another link -                                                                                               Apartment  Thereapy

Metal Range Hood

I helped Design and build the Hot Rolled Steel Range hood.
It is nice to be among some of the local greats!
- Click Title to see Valerie Easton's Pacific northwest magizine artical -
Please visit to see more local NW Artists!

Custom Metal Kitchen - Mukilteo Coffee

"Spanky" new Kitchen-Amazing Collaberation!Thank you Buffy!
Salvaged Hood w/ Custom Embossed S/S Cladding and Diamond Flute Wall Flashing. Underside of 3/16" Thick Steel Plate Countertop with 3/4" Dia. Rod "Self Edge".

Many Hands