Wednesday, June 04, 2008

News Spot - King 5 spotlight

Below is a link to a neat little blurb about our fair little town of Langley!

Metal Garden Fence

"Useless Garden Fence"
Approx 60'x30' of vegtable garden fence behind the new addition!

Zinc Kitchen Counter Top

Pure Zinc clad counter system with undermount "Farm Sink" and a Pull-Out Shelf/Drawer.

Metal Gate and Rail - Useless Bay Coffee

Bruce and Buffy do it again, create an amazing space from scratch!

The "Staff Only"gate and rails are made from mild steel rod, pipe, angle and some stainless steel.

Zinc Counter Top - Bathroom Vanity

Light Ga, pure Zinc Clad Bathroom Vanity with client supplied copper sink bowels.

Metal Sign Board - Island Coffee House

B.R.A.D. Designed and built this Sign system and asked me to help with the Metal Components used in the Bike Rack and Integral Bench.

Metal Awning - Fire Seed Catering Event Hall

28 ft Steel Awning system made from Mild steel and Embossed lavanized Sheetmetal.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Copper Windows and Finial -Pacific NW's article

"Made In The Shade: Meerkerk works magic with 53 acres of rhodies"

Above are detailed images of the windows and Finial built for the new Gatehouse.

Metal Porch Railing

Cool, Custom hand rail made from 3/4" Rod and 3/16" plate.

Metal Sign Board - Fire Seed Catering

Inspired by the Visitor Center's Mash Sign, this sign is made from 3/4" steel, some 3/16" plate, 16 Ga steel sheet and scrap copper-notice the multiple solder joints!