Thursday, June 14, 2007

Metal Bike Rack - Island Transit

Bayview Park n Ride Bike Shelter. The galvanized steel canopy is 12 feet in Dia.
The 10 foot tall post is made from 3/16" thick steel plate.
The lower bike rack array is made from 5/8" Dia. Stainless Steel rod.
-Go Island Transit !

Final setting of Umbrella footing.
Cold forming of 5/8" S/S rod for Bike rack array


Metal Confrence Table - "Live Edge Wood Works"

Hot Rolled Steel Components for a 17' long confrence table.

New Gallery Work - April Museo Show

"Dauntlus" - Zinc Plated Steel

"august Luminesce" - Zinc plated steel.
"Bomba"-Weathered Steel Plate

"Finding Play" - Stressed out Zinc sheet.

"BOO" - Weathered Steel Plate.

"Siren" -Weathered Steel Plate

" Tempting and Bella" -Hot Rolled Steel.

"Stage Door" - Mukilteo Coffee

Yet another "Retro -Fit" for the stage entrance for the Plant.

-Fabricated From Galvanized Sheet metal, some Solder, a few screws and Gary's cool vision

Info/Greeting "Castle" - Meerkerk Gardens

Shop Pics of the Copper Clad Steel Framed Gothic Ached windows and Copper Finial.

Metal Work - Bayview Cash Store

Some Steel Railing features.
- Incredible project invloving
quite a cast of characters and crew. 

Copper Leader Head

Copper leaderhead