Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Copper Range Hood

Custom hood approx 43x43x23" made from 16 Ga Copper and 2"x1/4" buss bar, fully welded with patina and wax finish.
The builder for this project is Dettrich Homes in Freeland

Stainless Steel Back Splash

Custom Splash panels made from 20 ga #4 Stainless steel.The builder for this project is Spectrum Construction in Langley and designed by Flat Rock Productions

Hot Rod Go Kart

New custom "Go Kart" built from electrical conduit a good friend gave me.
Another good friend traded me the motor (Honda 5.5 hp) for some metal and I rescued it from the bushes. The basic hardware I bought on line (Sprockets, Bearings and such). I found the rear wheels at Island Recycling. The most help was from "Affordable Go Karts.com"! They sell and support all kinds of crazy hot rod parts, thanks!